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Madame Flavour tea is available in Coles, Woolworths, and independent supermarkets like your local IGA/Ritchie's supermarkets, which host a handful of bestsellers. If you'd like access to the full range you can find it right here in our online shop - Madame Flavour Collection


Our pyramid bags are made from biodegradable corn starch – known as Soilon, composed of biomass material derived from plants and does not contain plastics.  

The tags are attached to the pyramid material by ultrasonic heat. There is no glue used.

As this process and the materials used are quite intricate, we do have occasions where small tears may appear. If this occurs please contact us so we can follow up immediately - Madame Favour Customer Care


Each Madame Flavour tea contains caffeine guidance in the information section of each individual product page. As teas can differ, the strength and quantity of caffeine differs accordingly.

 We do have a number of products that do not contain caffeine, but if you are at all unsure please reach out to us either through the live chat service or through our contact us page - Madame Flavour Customer Care 


Yes, we do. If you are a retailer looking to sample Madame Flavour please contact us and we will send a sample pack through to you. As a consumer you also get samples in each of our online order deliveries, so you can expect new flavour journeys with each purchase you make.


Madame’s "Mint Lavender" Tisane has a new name "Organic Mints" the ingredients are the same.


Grey de Luxe is Earl Grey tweaked to perfection.

Corinne (owner and tea maker) has made our Earl a little more unique by increasing the amount of tea in the pyramid and with the addition of Australian Lemon Myrtle – a native lemony plant.


Our teas are EU Standards compliant when it comes to minimum residue levels which is the highest standard in the world aside from organic.


If you had an account with us prior to March 2022 and have not ordered recently, you will need to set up a new account, as we have created a new easier online store and were unfortunately unable to bring across existing customer accounts.  If there is another reason, please contact our Madame Flavour Customer Care for assistance or call us on 1800 780 109.


We first recommend that you clear your browser history and cache. Our website works best on Google Chrome, so we recommend using this web browser if you can. If something is still not right, please get in touch with our Madame Flavour Customer Care for assistance or call us on 1800 780 109.


Our Tea Club Discount coupon is limited to one use per customer and is validated by your email address. If you forget to apply it with your first order, then use it next time you place an order.

If the code does not work, and it has not been used previously with your email address check it has been entered correctly (Welcome20). This code cannot be used in conjunction with another discount coupon.


 Please click on this link Tea Club


Login to your Madame Flavour Account, under “Order History” select “Manage Subscriptions.”

Then select “Subscriptions” or “see all upcoming orders”.

SELECT the subscription product:

Order Now                   will send the order to the warehouse today.

Next Order Date            adjust the date on your next order

Order Frequency          modify the delivery schedule

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Cancel the subscription.

If you still require help, please contact our Madame Flavour Customer Care for assistance or call us on 1800 780 109.


Tracking details for your online order will be included in your “order dispatched” email. This is generally sent 1 – 3 business days after you place your order. If you’ve received your order confirmation, but have not received your “order dispatched” email after two business days, please contact our Madame Flavour Customer Care for assistance or call us on 1800 780 109.


Please contact Madame Flavour Customer Care for assistance or call us on 1800 780 109 if you require an invoice.


There is no Tax on Tea, however tins and other items we sell like cookies will incur a small tax along with shipping.



We use Australia Post and are located in Victoria.   If you have not received your tracking number and feel your parcel is taking longer than it should, please contact Madame Flavour Customer Care for assistance or call us on 1800 780 109 if you require an invoice.