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Madame's English Breakfast 100 Pyramid Pouch and Tin Bundle (Free Shipping)

Madame Flavour best-sellers are now available to ‘‘Bundle & Save’, perfect to gift to a friend or start or upgrade your Madame Flavour tea experience. Select from a Madame’s loose leaf (plant-based) tea Pyramid 100 Pouches, all lovingly hand-crafted to bring you the freshest aroma and bold flavours from ethical tea gardens worldwide. The Madame Flavour storage and display tin is designed to keep your tea in perfect condition. Keeping your tea sealed from exposure to oxygen; and away from light and strong aromas is critical to preserving integrity of flavour. This special tin has a tight seal lid to ensure it preserves your tea while beautifully displaying your selection.
Our Story

A blend that’s a fresh and full-flavoured start to your day. This special blend marks my pilgrimage to Sri Lanka; following in the footsteps of my parents, an adventure-seeking woman and a dashing bachelor, who met and married in Colombo. It’s a blend of real leaf teas from three of my favourite Ceylon estates with familiar shades of an English Breakfast tea, however with more refined, malty flavours. Breathe in the traditional, rich aromas and think of days’ past.


Pure Ceylon tea from Kenilworth, St Claire and Ceciliyan estates


Unlike other teas bought at random auctions, based on the lowest prices, I wanted to select our Ceylon teas personally, based on the favourite seasonal flavours from five noteworthy estates in Sri Lanka. I’ve visited these estates in the high-grown mountainous country of Nuwara Eliya, which takes many hours on windy roads to reach, and further up to Uva, and Adam’s Peak where an historic railway line still operates. These high grown leaves from estates like Kenilworth, St Claire, and Inverness give my breakfast blend its delicate, fresh character and the lower grown estates are what gives it body. My personal favourite, Ceciliyan Estate, is located on the border of the Singaraja rainforest. The tea from Ceciliyan estate contributes a unique honey-like character to this leafy grade blend.

Perfect Infusion

Let me share my secrets to the perfect cup of tea… Place a pyramid in your favourite cup. Pour in freshly boiled water. Infuse for 3 minutes and inhale the aromas as you slow down and anticipate that first satisfying sip.

Care Guide
  • The tin will fit 50-60 pyramids, it’s better to fill with enough for a week or two and then leave the balance in the original pouch so they are unaffected by daily opening and oxygen exposure.