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Organic Mints Pyramid 15 Pack

Mint tea is so soothing for the soul.

Caffeine free. A blend organic mints and blue cornflowers, grown seasonally in Victoria, with fine Egyptian spearmint and lavender flowers, with a finishing touch of Australian round leaf mint.

Our Story

“What makes a beautiful mint tea?” Pondering in the rainforests of Gippsland, with Mountain Ash towering above the tree ferns, comforting with her timeless presence and a lyrebird parading through the undergrowth – a rare and special surprise. Starting with organic peppermint, I added depth with fine Egyptian spearmint and the pretty and soothing touch of lavender flowers. The finishing touch was a new discovery: Australian Peppermint Gum leaf. Yes, these are the leaves of a gum tree, grown by small farmers around the mountain of the Gippsland retreat. It’s a soothing caffeine-free combination that uplifts and refreshes the mind, body and spirit.


Organic peppermint leaf, spearmint leaf, lavender flowers, Australian round leaf mint, blue cornflowers


Mint, mint and more mint… We have three types native mint in our sunburnt country, all of which can grow in the southern parts of Australia. The Australian Mint Bush is a favourite mint of mine, adding a distinctive note to herbal teas. After much experimentation, the Round Leaf Mint was my choice for the Mint Lavender tisane along with pure peppermint and the ancient and refreshing Egyptian spearmint. Unlike the other native mints – river mint and peppermint gum – the mint bush grows plentifully, is easy to harvest and regenerates, making it a perfect choice for this delicate tisane. The round leaves are a little different to other mint varieties so you easily recognise it. Friends, Gil and Meredith from Korumburra grow and sieve the mint to just the right size for our silky pyramids. I’ve also added the extra sensory pleasure of lavender and baby blue corn flowers to further the soothing and flavourful experience of this caffeine free tisane.

Perfect Infusion

Let me share my secrets to the perfect cup of tea… Place a pyramid in your favourite cup. Pour in heated, not boiling water (approx 85°). Infuse for 3-5 minutes and inhale the aromas as you slow down and anticipate that first satisfying sip.


My favourite peppermint tea ever :) Thank you for your lovely Organic Mints Tisane! I recently resigned from a job I hate and the only thing getting me through the notice period is your tea. Your little tea bags make the world of difference to my life and I hope you continue to make tea forever. Jayde