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Raspberry Hibiscus Loose Leaf 250g Pouch

An uplifting ruby-coloured infusion.

Caffeine free. A blend of large cut hibiscus, rosehip, freeze-dried raspberries and Australian Davidson's plum pieces, creating a colourful naturally sweet infusion, enjoyed hot or cold.

Our Story

A fruity blend of raspberries, Australian Davidson’s Plum, hibiscus flowers and rosehips to inspire passion and joy. Enjoy hot or cold.


Large cut hibiscus, large cut rosehip, raspberry pieces, Australian Davidson’s Plum, natural raspberry flavour, calendula flowers.


Created in 2010, and inspired by her time in Cuba, master blender Corinne Noyes has brought to life a colourful, fruity concoction of raspberries, hibiscus flowers and rosehip to inspire passion and joy.

Perfect Infusion

Let me share my secret to the perfect cup of tea…Add 1 teaspoon leaf per 200ml water to the filter of your favourite pot. Pour water heated to 85°. Infuse for 3-5 minute and inhale the aromas as you slow down and anticipate that first satisfying sip. To enjoy iced, allow the infusion to cool, garnish with a handful of fresh raspberries, a sprig of Vietnamese mint, and if you need, sweetener to taste.


Zingy, uplifting but soothing at the same time I am sipping my very first cup of Raspberry Hibiscus Tisane as I type. Thank-you for creating this beautiful drink. I am enjoying it even more as I know it has been created with passion and given with love. Sue McGregor