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Genmaicha Loose Leaf 50g Pack

With a green tea base, Genmaicha naturally contains Antioxidants which protect your body from harmful radicals. Catechins, polyphenols and EGCG present in the tea leaf are all beneficial, helping prevent cell destruction, lowering oxidation and cholesterol levels; keeping your heart healthy and calming the nerves.

Our Story

Genmaicha translates from Japanese to ‘brown rice tea' - 'Genmai' - roasted rice and 'Cha' - tea Continuing our Tea Explorer series as we find ourselves confined to armchair travel at the moment... we bring you this interesting traditional blend sourced direct from our man Tatsuo in Shizuoka province, Japan and packed in Melbourne in a beautiful new design created by Steph in Bendigo. This Genmaicha is a mix of Spring Bancha and Japonica type white rice which turns golden brown when roasted. Bancha is traditional everyday Japanese green tea, made with more mature tea leaves and stems; this one is higher quality made from the spring rather than usual autumn harvest, gently pan-roasted to develop a nutty sweet flavor and golden infusion. The leaf is grown in Shizuoka province. Bancha has a milder caffeine content due to its roasting process. The roasted rice flavour mirrors the savoury umami notes of the bancha, enhancing the toasty sweetness, making Genmaicha a fun alternative for your senses


Japanese Bancha tea, roasted Japonica rice


Packed in Melbourne from Japanese Bancha leaf tea grown in Shizuoka Province and roasted Japonica rice

Perfect Infusion

As an everyday tea, Genmaicha needs a higher water temperature than other greens, use water 85 to 90 degrees - or just before boiling. Prepare the tea in a small pot, using a teaspoon (7-8gms) of tea per 200ml water. Pour the water over the leaf and allow it to infuse for 1-1 and a half minutes. Pour the tea into small hand-less cups and enjoy. For a second infusion, infuse it a little longer, 2 minutes with water at 90 degrees. The infusion should be pale yellow in colour, with a grassy, nutty aroma and sweet taste.