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Taiwan Ruby Black Loose Leaf 25g Pouch PRICE DROP

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This Ruby Black is light, fresh and delicate, so different from anything I have offered Madame Flavour customers before - for lovers of specialty and Chinese tea

Our Story

Since we cannot for the moment enjoy the wonder of travel, Madame Flavour is bringing a selection of unique, small batch teas, direct from garden in exotic locations to you to sample. These are in limited quantities and mini sampler pouches – for us both to explore whether you enjoy and would like more of such tea from Madame Flavour Our founder, Corinne has chosen unique, small batch leaf teas of the highest quality and put these simply in 25g foil sampler pouches, to allow you to explore a world of delicate and surprising new flavours. Each sampler pouch contains enough tea for 4 x 500ml pots plus re-infusions These super-premium, single garden leaf teas from Taiwan, Japan and China give a little holiday from our challenging reality. Ruby Black Tea No 18 is a unique and delicious tea you must try! Yes, it is black tea but not as you know it. This Taiwan black tea is not bitter (low in tannin) as breakfast teas are – instead enjoy complex, delicate flavours of malt, berry, rose and a hint of smoke. It is to be drunk without milk. Available only in Taiwan, made from a hybrid of native Taiwanese mountain tea and Burmese Assam Tea, this wonderful whole long leaf tea is grown at and produced at a family farm in Lugu, Nantou County Taiwan. We buy direct from William, whose wife’s family own the farm, and we are the first Australian customer. The infusion is deep amber in colour, with a delicate natural fragrance of rose and raspberry The cup is light and malty, and can be re-infused several times, by adding water once your gungfu set or pot is low.


Spring 21 Ruby Black leaf tea from Lugo township, Taiwan


Packed in Lugo, Taiwan at the garden from Spring 2021 single origin Taiwan leaf tea

Perfect Infusion

Make in a traditional Chinese or Western teapot. I prefer to use a small handless cup to savour this tea. Use 3gms tea per 250ml of water, heated to boiling. Infuse 3-5 minutes. Re-infuse up to 5 times.